The art of time

A fascinating piece of jewelry according to Marie-Antoinette, last Queen of France and icon of this “French elegance” withstanding centuries of history.


Our Collections

The refined style of Marie-Antoinette is an endless source of inspiration for me. It gives each of my luxury watch collection a unique design deeply rooted in this 18th century ambience.


Passion for history and watchmaking

Dive into this 18th century France and discover the history surrounding women of that era by looking at your watch… a true symbol of passing times, a reminder that our present and future come from our past.

Designed in France

Watches developed and inspired by the 18th century French elegance and by fashion icon of that era, Queen Marie-Antoinette.

Environmental Friendliness

No paper User’s Guide thrown away! Just a small seeded paper flyer which, once planted, will feed the bees and butterflies in your garden !

Commitment to Solidarity

For every watch we sell, we donate a portion of our earnings to a charity fighting violence against women.



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Valérie Faivre, fondatrice de Marie & Louis est membre de la Société des Amis de Versailles

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