Your Marie & Louis watch is covered by a 2 (two) year warranty starting from the date of your purchase from Marie & Louis’ official website or an authorised dealer. All purchase must from dealers, be accompanied by a warranty card dated and stamped from the store.

Your Marie & Louis warranty only covers manufacturing defects and must be accompanied by a proof of purchase.

Under this 2 (two) year warranty, the only parts covered are :

  • The watch movement
  • The hands

As part of a normal usage, if the parts are considered defective or the watch is found to have a manufacturing defect, the repairs will be carried out free of charge. As part of a normal usage, if the parts cannot be repaired, the watch will be replaced free of charge. We cannot guarantee your watch will be replaced by an identical model, however it will be replaced by a watch of identical value.

Should you need to carry out any repair not covered by this warranty, Marie & Louis can provide you with the service needed at your own expense and only if the damages can be repaired. Such a service charge will be based on the value of your watch and the type of repair needed. Please note that these costs may be subject to change. 

Marie & Louis reserves the right to refuse a repair or any other service on a watch which has been modified or already repaired by a third party (invoice as proof of payment).

For further information, please send an email using our contact form on


  • The case, batteries, glass, bracelets including pins and buckle, plating tarnishing;
  • All defects or damages of the entire or parts of the watch caused by any event outside of our control such as theft, loss, fire etc.;
  • All defects or damages caused by any mishandling, inappropriate use, accident, negligence or normal wear and tear;
  • All defects or damages caused by any incorrect use (impacts, crushing, moisture for non-waterproof watches, etc.), any modifications, handling or repairs carried out by a third party;
  • All defects or damages caused by normal wear and tear;
  • Non-metallic bracelets (leather, synthetic rubber, polymer, polyurethane, etc.);
  • All watches with the entire or part of the original printed logo has been removed, scratched altered or is illegible;
  • Routine maintenance and cleaning.

(See the chapter on Maintenance & Cleaning)

Marie & Louis does not take any responsibility for any damages of direct or indirect, material or immaterial nature nor for consequential damages.

No services to counterfeit, opened or dismantled Marie & Louis watch nor to any watch from another brand will be carried out.

Please note we can easily notice if a watch’s case has been opened. We recommend you have the battery of your watch replaced by a professional.

This is the only express warranty for this product and is in lieu of any other warranty or condition.

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