Always read the User’s Guide and Warranty Policy before using your Marie & Louis watch.

Starting your Watch

Take out the white plastic ring around the crown. Turn the crown clockwise (away from you) to set the correct time. Press the crown back into its initial position near the base of the watch.

Your watch is working when the hand indicating the seconds starts moving,

Maintenance & Cleaning

Battery: Take your watch to a jewellery shop to have the battery replaced by a specialist.

Cleaning: Clean the bracelet using a damp cloth and soap. Dry it using a soft cloth. To clean the case and the glass, just use a soft cloth. 

Special Care: Please remove your watch prior to practicing a watersport, swimming, taking a shower, using cosmetic products or whenever you are in contact with water or any other liquids.

For maximum protection, when you do not wear your watch, please keep it in its original box stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight.

To protect your watch, please remove it when practicing intensive sports which could cause some strong vibrations, impacts and avoid strong exposure to the sun.

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