Marie & Louis and me

The brand Marie & Louis was born from my passion for design and my willingness to offer women an elegant watch at a reasonable price inspired by the 18th century French style.

A fascinating piece of jewelry according to Marie-Antoinette, last Queen of France and icon of this “French elegance” withstanding centuries of history.

The refined style of Marie-Antoinette is an endless source of inspiration for me. It gives each of my luxury watch collections a unique design deeply rooted in this 18th century ambience.

I am passionate about history and watchmaking. Naturally, this is through my brand Marie & Louis that I decided to celebrate the beauty, modernity, courage, and the elegance of women today. Women who are so similar to these 18th century women who started this French art of living.

Dive into this 18th century France and discover the history surrounding women of that era by looking at your watch… a true symbol of passing times, a reminder that our present and future come from our past.

Valérie FAIVRE –Founder

Once upon a time ...

A little girl used to spend her holidays with her grand-parents, Marie and Louis, who were respectively the housekeeper and gardener of a splendid 18th century French chateau in Eastern France.

Whilst the little girl could happily play in the estate gardens, she was not allowed inside the chateau itself so she imagined what life could look like inside such a sumptuous place. The young woman became fascinated by women of the 18th century, their destiny and their elegance. 

Marie taught her how to see beauty in everything and everyone whilst Louis explained how, through hard work, love and patience, one can be proud of its labour.

I am this little girl. I wanted to pay tribute to my grand-parents by designing a timepiece, my timepiece. I also wanted to pass this heritage onto my daughter and to show her that while times may change, values remain and it is always possible to realise our dreams.

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